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New Tomb Raider Trailer Gives Us Our Best Look At The Movie So Far

The latest trailer gives us our best look yet at the film that will hopefully be the first truly great video game movie.

All The Major 2018 Movies That Are Fronted By Female Characters

You may not have noticed it, but the final results of the 2017 domestic box office were historic. For the first time since 1958, the top three films in a given year all featured female protagonists.

Every Remake Heading To Movie Theaters In 2018

Just like 2017, 2018 will revisit quite a few properties that people are well familiar with from earlier movies and/or TV shows.

How Tomb Raider's Lara Croft Will Be Different Than Angelina Jolie's Version, According To Alicia Vikander

The Oscar-winning actress has some big holsters to fill when she takes on the iconic video game heroine.

Movie News
25 Major Movies You'll Want To See in 2018

2018 has tons of films to get excited about, but these 25 are the ones that have us buzzing the most.

The Most Anticipated Movies of 2018, According To IMDB

Want to know what IMDb thinks are the top picks of 2018? Read on for the results.

Square Enix Confirms A New Tomb Raider Game Is On The Way

Square Enix has confirmed that a new Tomb Raider game is on the way, following months of speculation and plenty of rumors about the possibility of a new game being in development. The company confirmed the news via a message in a tweet, confirming that Lara Croft will return in a new game in 2018.

2018 3D Movie Schedule: The Full List Of Titles And Release Dates

Looking forward to another year of 3D spectacle in 2018? Then you're ready to take a look at our rundown of what's reaching out beyond the window, and into your personal space, inside.

Tomb Raider Video Shows How Much The Trailer Took From The Video Game

A new video just surfaced that does a side by side comparison, and it's pretty uncanny.

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Watch Alicia Vikander Get Wet And Dirty In New Tomb Raider Feature

We know this because the new behind-the-scenes video goes out of its way to show us Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft, mucking around in the dirt and drenched to the bone. Looks like she's gonna be pretty dirty and wet.

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The First Tomb Raider Trailer Is Exciting And Mysterious

The first trailer for the Tomb Raider reboot has finally dropped. Check it out!

New Tomb Raider Poster Ridiculously Stretches Alicia Vikander’s Neck

The first Tomb Raider poster is out, but unfortunately, the thing that immediately draws the eye is how weird Alicia Vikander's neck looks.

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The Crazy Stunt Alicia Vikander Filmed For Tomb Raider

Roar Uthaug's adaptation of the smash-hit video game series Tomb Raider may also bring footage to Comic-Con, and leading lady Alicia Vikander is helping to get fans excited. In describing a dangerous stunt that they filmed for the Lara Croft origin story, Vikander teases this stunt.

Movie News
Bulletstorm Developer Is Working With Square Enix On A New Title

Here's a partnership we didn't expect to be writing about today: The teams at People Can Fly and Square Enix are joining forces to make a brand new game, with plans to eventually launch on console and PC.

Tomb Raider First Look: Check Out Alicia Vikander As Lara Croft

After several months of principal photography, the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot has finally released the first official photos of Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft.

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See Alicia Vikander As Lara Croft From The New Tomb Raider Movie

New photos from the set of the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot already have us completely sold on the casting of Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft. Check them out for yourself!

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The Tomb Raider Reboot Has Cast Lara Croft's Father

The new Tomb Raider reboot has just added a key actor to its slowly growing cast. Lara Croft's father has officially been found so hit the jump to learn all the details about the role.

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How Tomb Raider’s Writer Feels About The Reboot’s Controversial Scene

When the Tomb Raider series got its reboot back in 2013 it almost instantly ran intro controversy. Now, the writer behind both recent Tomb Raider titles has talked about her feelings on the backlash.

The Next Tomb Raider Game May Have Just Taken A Big Step Backward

We don't know much about what's next for the Tomb Raider franchise, beyond the fact that there will almost certainly be another entry in the game series. However, a major change at the developer may have just set a new entry back.

What Tomb Raider’s Villain Will Be Like, According To Walton Goggins

While we love to watch Walton Goggins as a villainous presence in any project he's cast in, we have to wonder just what makes his character in Tomb Raider different more interesting than any other character he's played. Read on for his answer.

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