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Arrow Vet Joins NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 With A Signature F-Bomb

Only this guy could tell his new co-stars to "F*ck off" and make it charming.

Arrow Just Cast This Ruthless Comic Book Villain

Arrow has lined up a diverse group of villains for its third season. Oliver Queen will soon be drawn into conflict with comic book bad guys like Digger Harkness, Cupid, his old nemesis Malcolm Merlyn and League of Assassins leader Ra’s al Ghul. However, Oliver may soon face his toughest challenge yet.

Vinnie Jones Lined Up For Thriller Killer's List

The Killer's List has Jones attached to play a widower and retired hitman whose forced to return to his killer craft once son is kidnapped. The script by Brian Vining kicks off with Jones' character receiving a cardboard box that contains a cell phone, demands that he murder five of his former associates, and the fingers of his young son. Yipes. With a plot point like that, we anticipate this thriller will be brutal.

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Vinnie Jones And Stephen Lang Join Aussie War Drama 34th Battalion

Pro soccer player turned sneering action star Vinnie Jones has played a number of memorable tough guys. But with his latest project, Jones will offer no smirking badass bon mots. Instead, he will play it straight and solemn in the ensemble war drama The 34th Battalion.

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Starbuck Still Throwing Punches, Katee Sackhoff Cast In Couture's Hijacked

We all thought Katee Sackhoff was going to be a huge, breakout star didn’t we? Actually we thought she’d be just the first of many breakout stars from Battlestar Galactica. But then we also thought Ron Moore had a better ending in store than, whatever that was, he gave us.

Michael Caine, Ray Winstone And Others Bringing Henry V To The Apocalypse

The works of William Shakespeare have been adapted in a multitude of ways by various filmmakers, ranging from 10 Things I Hate About You (The Taming of The Shrew) to The Lion King

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Danny Trejo And Vinnie Jones Are Welcomed To Graveland

Tammi Sutton's "outlaw biker indie" Welcome to Graveland has been chugging along since the end of last year and has just added another couple of tough guys to its cast

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Exclusive (Untitled) Clip: Vinnie Jones Punches No One

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Vinnie Jones in something where he’s not punching someone in the head, but, apparently this cat can kind of act. In the new movie (Untitled) he plays a self-absorbed artist

(Untitled) Trailer Unveils Very Unusual Art

We knew (Untitled) was going to be an unusual movie based on the title and the trailer but now there’s a clip from the movie to really prove it. From the background music to the strange artwork the characters create, the movie is certainly on the strange side and might not be for everyone.

Jean Claude Van Damme Fights Vinnie Jones

Jean Claude Van Damme is still working on that comeback. This time he’s getting help from director Russell Mulcahy. JCVD will face off against Vinnie Jones in a Mulcahy movie called Weapon

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