Why Arrow Villain Vinnie Jones Wanted To Be A Series Regular

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Arrow saw many villains come to Star City ready to wreak havoc, only to go toe-to-toe with Team Arrow. An argument has been made for several dead villains to return to the Arrowverse, and Vinnie Jones might be among those ready to reprise their role. Jones played Danny “Brick” Brickwell on the superhero drama, and Jones has revealed he wanted to be a series regular.

Vinnie Jones made his Arrow debut back in Season 3, playing Brick for multiple episodes. During that time, it was revealed that Jones’ Brick killed Malcolm Merlyn’s wife. Given that dramatic background, Jones showed up numerous times to reprise his role as the villain. It turns out that Jones would have done even more, sharing that he wanted to be a series regular with ComicBookMovie.com:

I was pushing for a regular on that. I thought that was a great show. They were great people, it was a great concept, and I thought my character, Brick, was great! I was saying to them, 'You know, let's develop this character. This will do me! I'll be a regular on Arrow. I love Canada and I love Vancouver. Stephen [Amell] was great, the crew were fantastic. I loved it! I put some big hints around that, 'I'm here to stay if you want me.' They brought me back a couple of times, but every time I went back, I'd feel like I was at home.

Vinnie Jones obviously loved his experience on Arrow, and him wanting to be a series regular speaks rather positively to the atmosphere on the set. You have to know that is an extreme compliment, because Jones does not hold back when it comes to the unfortunate experiences that he has endured in the entertainment industry.

Among those that Vinnie Jones expressed high praise for on Arrow is its star, Stephen Amell. Arrow is over, but Amell already has a new show coming up. It is the wrestling drama, Heels, which I think Jones could be perfect to join if the casting process is still underway. The former footballer would undoubtedly make for a rollicking fit for the upcoming Starz series.

Otherwise, fans will have to see if Vinnie Jones returns to the Arrowverse. The franchise’s starter-show said its goodbyes earlier this year. Unlike many Arrow characters, Jones’ Brick did not survive to see the final season. He was killed off in the penultimate season (7), falling at the hands of Stanley Dover during the prison-centric episode “The Slabside Redemption,” a clear play off The Shawshank Redemption.

There are a few Arrow characters that could appear on the Arrowverse as the franchise continues. Time will tell if Vinnie Jones’ Brick is ever among them. Of course, it is not outside the realm of possibility that Jones could appear as a different character in the future.

Fans now know that it was not for Vinnie Jones’ lack of enthusiasm why Brick was not brought on long-term on Arrow. He enjoyed his time on the show, which is a testament to its legacy. No wonder Stephen Amell shared that moving photo of good wishes. There was something special there. As for Brick, some villains tended to last longer than others on The CW drama.

Vinnie Jones can take solace in knowing that he almost made it to the final season. That is further than many others managed to do. As viewers wonder what might have been with Jones’ Brick, they also have another thing to consider. Will the Arrowverse have to answer the questions left by the “Green Arrow and The Canaries” backdoor pilot? Plans are being bandied about in case that new show does not happen.

Arrow is currently streaming in its entirety (including Vinnie Jones’ run as Brick) on Netflix alongside lots of new 2020 content. The Arrowverse is presently expected to return in 2021, after this fall’s premieres.

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