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The boys are back in London. Again. Which means that they must be doing a live show, where Sean, Kevin and Jake are all together in the same room! That means things are going to go off the rails relatively quickly, and Gabe will be to blame.

You know, a normal episode of ReelBlend.

The guys are in London to cover the Spider-Man: Far From Home press junket, where they sat down with Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, Jake Gyllenhaal and the legendary Samuel L. Jackson, and they have plenty of entertaining stories to tell from the day.

Sean also got to conduct a 1:1 interview with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige – and if you know Sean, you know how important this is to him. His story of getting to speak with Feige is one for the ages.

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There’s a reaction to Spider-Man: Far From Home from the boys, and it’s spoiler-free. Which is really hard to do, because there are a LOT of big surprises in the latest Marvel movie. But we want to protect each and every one of them for you. To the point that we even have an upcoming conversation with director Jon Watts, and we are saving the spoiler talk until after release.

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From there, the guys list their favorite movies of 2019 so far. And the exercise proves harder to do than you might think. Especially for Jake. Who really doesn't want to do that. At all. He hates this year's movies. That's a fun segment. 

This week’s Blend game dove into the films of Cillian Murphy. Which film do you think the ReelBlend guys chose? What would you choose?

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