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Reviewing Disney+'s Hamilton And Discussing The Future Of Movie Theaters

No guests on ReelBlend this week, which means you get to enjoy an old-school show with just Kevin McCarthy, Sean O’Connell and Jake Hamilton debating the hottest topics in the world of film. What is this, AwardsBlend?

Kind of, because the guys to talk a lot about the state of the movie-release calendar for the rest of the year, and how that will affect the awards season (of just ANY movies that we get to watch). As movie release dates keep getting pushed back, the guys take a pretty bold stance on the future of movie theaters in 2020. Take a listen.

The cast of Hamilton

This is not the best time to transition to streaming, because it might seem like we favor it over the theatrical experience (never). But we have to rave about Hamilton, which brings its theatrical version to Disney+ starting this weekend. We review on this week’s show.

And finally, in this week’s Blend game, we celebrate the films of the late Joel Schumacher by choosing our favorite movies from his body of work. What is yours? Share it in the comments section down below.

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Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell

Sean O’Connell is a journalist and CinemaBlend’s Managing Editor. He's frequently found on Twitter at @Sean_OConnell. ReelBlend cohost. A movie junkie who's Infatuated with comic-book films. Helped get the Snyder Cut released, then wrote a book about it.