Green Mile actor Michael Clarke Duncan was reportedly rushed to the hospital this morning after his heart stopped beating. The fifty-four-year-old was reportedly discovered by his girlfriend, Apprentice star Omarosa Stallworth, in a state of cardiac arrest. After calling paramedics, the reality star reportedly performed CPR on her love and was able to revive him. Once medical personnel got to the scene, they reportedly picked up where she left off and transported him to a local Los Angeles hospital which immediately admitted him to the intensive care unit.

Details of his current condition are still very fuzzy, but according to TMZ, he has stabilized and doctors are now in the process of figuring out what happened. In recent years, the Finder actor has trimmed down a bit from his formerly massive frame and even given up meat, but given he’s still a gigantic man, his size could well have played a role in his heart stopping. We won’t know for sure until doctors speak publically on what happened.

Omarosa took a lot of flak during her season on Apprentice. In fact, some have called her the most hated contestant in the history of reality television, but regardless of whether you approved of her arguments with Heidi or not, the businesswoman deserves a lot of credit for acting quickly and responsibly after discovering Duncan in his trying state.

Pop Blend sends out its thoughts to Omarosa, who is reportedly at the hospital, and Michael as they try to battle back from this scary event.

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