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I’m sure that during the Olympics season, Michael Phelps was an oft betted on athlete. With plenty of free time on the horizon, the 18-time gold medal winner wants to see the other side of the chip, and he’s willing to spend some money to do it. Phelps spent the weekend in Sin City, and unlike his swimming rival Ryan Lochte, the man spent more time at the tables than he spent partying, bringing in $100,000 dollars from a single game of poker.

During his weekend trip, Phelps sat down for a game of poker at the Caesar’s Palace casino in Las Vegas. The single game eventually yielded the 27-year-old $100,000 dollars in winnings, some of which the young man later spent out on the town at a club called Tryst (not a strip club, we checked). According to The Daily Mail, Phelps is no novice player.

Way back in 2008, the swimmer was already well into the throes of poker infatuation. The young man initially learned to play poker starting with $1 and $2 dollar buy-ins and working his way up to a $25,000 game he plays once a week. His roommate is even a professional poker player. He’s clearly invested in the poker subculture, but even so, a $100,000 win is pretty impressive. Of course, you have to be prepared to lose big in order to win big, and we’ll have to wait and see whether Phelps will prove he has the chops to keep the game up long term.

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