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If you were surprised by Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes separating and quickly divorcing, you were not alone in your shock. In fact, the actor himself was apparently blindsided by what happened, but with little choice, he was forced to accept the state of his situation and try to reflect on exactly where it all went wrong.

At least that’s what he told his German fans during a recent interview that was later picked up by Bunte and E!
"I did not expect that. Life is a challenge. To be 50 and have experiences and think you have everything under control, and then it hits you—that's what life is…Life is tragicomic. You need a certain sense of humor."

For most people, divorce is not a shock. It doesn’t simply pop up out of nowhere and surprise one of the partners. Instead, it’s typically more of a slow roll down a sad hill. If Cruise is to be believed, however, he’s one of the few people who thought everything was fine until he was suddenly ambushed by the bad news bear.

On the one hand, this blindsided narrative has been at the forefront almost the entire time. He’s been consistently painted as the well-meaning father sucked in by some strange beliefs, and Holmes has been painted as the well-meaning mother who had to take her child away from Scientology. On the other hand, however, it’s hard to see how he could have been blindsided. Wouldn’t she have made her rampant distrust of the Church and her fear really clear by the time she went to a lawyer?

What do you think? Do you believe Cruise was actually blindsided? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Do You Think Tom Was Blindsided By The Divorce?

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