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Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham may have dug in her heels and declared her innocence following her recent DUI arrest, but apparently, she was willing to change her plea for the right offer. This week, the actress and her attorney were able to negotiate with prosecutors to completely remove jail as part of her sentence. As such, she appeared in court this week and confessed to operating a vehicle in Nebraska while intoxicated.

According to TMZ, Abraham will pay a $500 fine, install an ignition interlock system in her car, check in with a parole officer and stay away from all alcoholic beverages for the next six months. No doubt much of that will be quite an annoyance for the twenty-two-year-old, but given the alternative of going to jail, she should be happy with exactly what she got, especially considering the rather bizarre circumstances surrounding her initial arrest.

Most people who are pulled over for driving under the influence tend to be pretty cooperative. Abraham definitely was not. She reportedly got up and tried to walk away during the middle of the arrest, which is, of course, both pretty insulting and pretty illegal. Because of her actions, she was also initially charged with disorderly conduct, but that count was dropped in exchange for agreeing to the terms of this plea agreement.

Here’s to hoping Farrah stays away from the booze and starts making responsible and smart decisions. After all, I’m sure her daughter would rather that sex tape money be put away for college as opposed to spent on legal fees.

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