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Alicia Silverstone has always been a woman with some unique ideas about motherhood and animal rights. From naming her son Bear to chewing the boy’s food and spitting it into his mouth, she’s very passionate and committed to her beliefs, which is why she’s starting a milk share program for vegan mothers who don’t want to give their children dairy.

Apparently, the actress decided to start the program because her friend needed breast milk and had a real hard time finding the right kinds of donors. Here’s an excerpt from the story, as Alicia told it on The Kind Life
”She tried reaching out in her community for donor milk, but it was almost impossible to figure out what kind of lifestyle choices the donors had made. And after all that hard work keeping herself vibrant and healthy, she felt she had a right to demand better for her baby.”

Obviously, this cause is not life or death. This woman’s baby could have easily drank formula or the breast milk of a mother who didn’t keep a vegan diet and have been fine. Consequently, there’s a Burt Wonderstone magic-for-Africa quality to this entire endeavor. This milk share program doesn’t really have to be done, but judging by all the comments beneath her blog post, there certainly is enough interest for this program to still be a success on a limited basis. Besides, every charity cause doesn’t necessarily have to be a need. Sometimes it’s the wants that can bring a smile to people’s faces.

Here’s some more info on the milk share program…
“A lot of women unfortunately have a similar struggle, and there's no reason why they shouldn't be able to give their babies the most amazing start in life with clean, mean, glorious breast milk. And because we are a community of beautiful souls who recognize the importance of food as health, I say we help support those mamas and babies who need a hand during one of the most important times in their lives. It's why I'm starting the Kind Mama Milk Share, a way for moms to connect with other moms in their area. If you have milk to share--post it! If you are in need of milk--post it! Think of all the babies we can help raise together!”

So, if you’re a) extremely concerned about the types of foods you eat, b) unable to produce breast milk or currently producing extra breast milk, c) have a giving heart and d) want to help or need help, head on over to The Kind Life and drop your email in the comment section. There are apparently plenty of other women in the same boat as you, and together, you can work out an arrangement that will satisfy all involved.

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