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Earlier this week, Usher’s son Usher Raymond V was involved in a near tragic accident. Immediately afterwards, there was hope the near nightmare could bring Usher and his feuding ex-wife/ the boy’s mother Tameka Raymond back onto the same page in order to stop fighting in court, but all hope of reconciliation was lost yesterday when the angry mother filed a new round of paperwork in court demanding she be given primary custody of the children because of her ex’s supposed negligence.

According to TMZ, Tameka makes a host of accusations in her documentation. If she’s to be believed, Usher is out of house 85% of the time he has the kids and always delegates responsibility for their upbringing to others, as he apparently did to his sister when this accident happened. He also allegedly fired all of the caregivers the family formerly used and replaced them with new ones who she doesn’t think are as good. Because of all this, she would like to be given primary custody of the kids on a temporary basis, which would allow her to make choices related to their education, health care and religion.

Usher V’s accident happened on Monday at around 6 PM. The five-year-old was swimming in the pool while his aunt was watching when one of his toys got stuck in the drain. He swam to the bottom of the pool to fetch it, but unfortunately, his hand got stuck inside the drain. The aunt and a maid both dove in to try and free him, but neither woman was strong enough. Luckily, some workers were nearby, and they were able to get the boy loose and perform CPR. He was quickly rushed to the hospital, but after performing a full range of tests, doctors didn’t find any long-term problems.

Given a situation as hectic and potentially deadly as that, it’s easy to see why a mother would react with such emotion and aggression, but of all people, Tameka should know a parent can’t protect his or her child from everything. Last year, her son Kile was tubing when he was struck by a jetski. He suffered brain damage and later passed at the hospital. There was the same hope then that the accident could force the two to reevaluate the cost of all the endless bickering and courtroom showdowns, but that impulse didn’t make a lick of difference then either.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to Usher Raymond V, the little boy who was actually affected by this scary moment. Here’s to hoping he makes a full recovery and is able to eventually get to the point where he doesn’t have to watch his parents bicker and talk shit about each other incessantly. What a life that would be.

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