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Most of the time, Eric Stonestreet seems like an extremely affable dude. He’s always a great interview on late night television, and he seems very comfortable with poking fun at himself and taking jokes. For whatever reason, however, he occasionally finds himself in the weirdest public scandals. One time, he was thrown out of a Los Angeles Dodgers game, and earlier this week, he started a feud with the guys from KISS.

It all started with on a flight between Los Angeles and Kansas City. Eric Stonestreet himself wasn’t on it, but his mother was, along with the guys from KISS. At some point, either Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley asked if they could switch seats with Mama Stonestreet. If they’re to be believed, they were just joking around and having a good time, but apparently, she didn’t find it so funny and reported some awful things back to her son, who promptly went on an Instagram rant about it…

Of course, there are two sides to every story, and apparently, this wasn’t such a clear case of the dudes from KISS being d-bags. Paul Stanley called the situation a ”misunderstanding of joking” and Gene Simmons called it “blatantly untrue”. After other people on the plane soon started defending the guys from KISS on Twitter, Eric Stonestreet talked to his mother and ultimately decided the whole thing was an exaggeration and had been blown out of proportion. He later tweeted an apology for reacting so quickly…

It’s always our first impulses to protect our mothers. They gave us life. We can defend them in arguments, but the sad reality is sometimes they’re not always on the winning or truthful side, and while they shouldn’t be thrown under the bus, they shouldn’t be blindly backed against facts and reason either.

Here’s to hoping this is the last we’ll hear about this bizarre feud.

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