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If you ever wondered how the hell celebrities make some money, this story should be of particular interest. This past week, Nicki Minaj attended a birthday party held for Floyd Mayweather’s daughter in Las Vegas. She reportedly had a good time at the event and more importantly, was paid very handsomely for attending.

According to TMZ, Nicki Minaj walked home with a cool $50,000 for spending roughly an hour hanging out with 14-year-old Iyanna Mayweather and taking adorable pictures like the one seen below…

It might seem weird to haul in money for attending a teenager’s birthday party, but promotional appearances like that are actually an incredible source of revenue for the celebrity community. The biggest names in the world can get upwards of a million dollars to attend events. Ordinarily, they come and go with very little fanfare, but every now and again, someone will put on a backyard concert for the wrong person and the world will collectively flip out, as happened for Jennifer Lopez when she sang for the President of Turkmenistan.

As for the party itself, it went extremely well, at least at the time. Iyanna reportedly had a great time, and the bash was very well attended. Unfortunately, a picture the birthday girl took with T.I.’s wife Tiny later sparked a brawl inside a Fat Burger location in Las Vegas between TI and Floyd Mayweather. That was neither Iyanna nor Nicki Minaj’s fault, though; so, we can’t really hold it against the birthday party.

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