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Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Usually, when your phone is blowing up, it means you're getting a ton of texts or calls. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case for a young boy in Brooklyn this weekend, whose smartphone literally exploded in his hands on Saturday.

A 6-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital on Saturday night after a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone caught fire while he was using it to watch videos, the New York Post reports. According to the child's grandmother Linda Lewis, the boy is safely home now following the incident, though he doesn't want to be near any phones.

At the beginning of the month, Samsung began a recall on the Galaxy Note 7, warning users about battery cell issues and offering a free exchange for a new Note 7 smartphone with the dangerous error corrected.

The fiery Note 7 recall has been disastrous for Samsung, as CNN reports that shares in the company plummeted 7 percent on Monday following the recall announcement. The fiasco follows another Samsung snafu from last year, when the public recoiled at the company's privacy policy on newly released SmartTVs, which stated that Samsung could collect and distribute conversations that viewers had while the Voice Recognition feature was turned on.

Perhaps luckily for Samsung, their biggest competitor in the smartphone market isn't getting glowing press right now either. After the recent iPhone 7 live announcement, Apple users all over the internet criticized the tech company's decision to replace earphones with wireless Airpod headphones.

xThe other major smartphone player Android has received less public attention recently. The Google-run mobile company has focused largely on expanding its gaming capabilities in the past few years. Among other projects, Android has partnered with Xbox 360 for an update that applies SmartGlass technology to the gaming console, and gave users an exclusive update for the popular game Fallout Shelter.

For instructions and more information on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall, visit Samsung's website.

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