Golf Heckler Gets Challenged To Sink A Putt, Owns It

Golf gets a lot of flak for being what some consider a boring sport, but nobody could argue that one moment on the green at the Ryder Cup on Thursday wasn't absolutely enthralling. A boisterous heckler was taunting Team Europe from the sidelines as they practiced their putting before a match, shouting that one of the pro golfers couldn't sink the putt he was preparing for. Fed up, one of the golfer's teammates approached the man and challenged him to make the putt, even betting him $100 that he couldn't do it.

But to the golfers' surprise, the heckler actually made the shot and won the hundred bucks! Check out the awesome video below.

The heckler's name is David Johnson (is that generic enough for ya?), and he was heckling golfers Henrick Stenson and Justin Rose of Team Europe since they were about to face off against his native Team America. Thankfully, after Johnson won the bet with his shot, it appears that there were no hard feelings between the fan and the two pro golfers, as they laughed and gave congratulatory hugs to the man as the crowd was still erupting in applause.

Though Justin Rose and Henrick Stenson are working together at the Ryder Cup, which is continuing through October 2, they are fresh off of a bitter face-off in Rio de Janeiro for the Olympic gold in the first ever Olympic golf event in over a century. The sport hasn't been played at the Olympics since 1904, so all eyes were on who would be golf's first Olympic champion of the new millennium. Rose, of Great Britain, and Stenson, of Sweden, actually arrived at the last hole both in the lead with a tied score, but Rose managed to pul ahead and take the gold.

Pro golfer Rory McIlroy was also watching the amazing fan moment and managed to capture the moment on his phone, which gives you a better look at David Johnson lining up his shot.