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Due to various legal entanglements, it's rare that fans might see two (or more) beloved, yet separate, franchises cross over in movies or television. Fortunately, comic books have become more of a safe haven for such cooperation to occur. Such will happen next year when Star Trek: The Next Generation and Aliens join together for a comic book miniseries next year.

It was announced at MCM London Comic Con (via Bleeding Cool) that Dark Horse Comics and IDW Publishing have joined forces to pair Aliens and Star Trek: The Next Generation in a story called "Acceptable Losses." No plot details were revealed, but brothers Scott and David Tipton will write the tale, with J.K. Woodward providing artwork. This is the same creative team that worked on the Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover from a few years back, which was titled "Assimilation2."

No doubt many sci-fi fans out there have imagined at one point what it would be like if Star Trek and Aliens crossed over. Well, now we'll finally see how that unfolds when Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-D (or Enterprise-E, if it takes place after Generations) encounter the deadly Xenomorphs, the creatures notorious for giving Ellen Ripley hell. That said, we are curious how exactly this will be pulled off. With many recent comic book crossovers between properties, it's usually attributed to the two sides existing in alternate universes, and one individual/group will cross into the other's reality. I suspect that will be the case in "Acceptable Losses," although there's a chance that in this continuity, the Xenomorphs exist within the Star Trek universe, and the Enterprise crew will come across them on their continuing mission to...well, you all know the drill.

While Star Trek will always be best known as a television property first and a movie series as a close second, it's also enjoyed several comic book crossovers in recent years. Along with publishing various self-contained Star Trek series, IDW Publishing has worked with DC Comics to pair the crew of the Federation's first Enterprise with the Legion of Super-Heroes and Green Lantern on separate occasions (although with the latter, it was the Kelvin timeline versions of those characters). The company also recently allied with Boom Studios! for a crossover with Planet of the Apes. As for Aliens, a Dark Horse mainstay, it's been a while since that property has enjoyed a good ol' fashioned crossover, but some of its comic book exploits in the past have seen it paired with Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and Judge Dredd.

The Star Trek: The Next Generation/Aliens story "Acceptable Losses" will kick off in April 2017 at your local comic book store or at digital sources like Comixology.

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