Why Toblerone Changed Its Shape, And Fans Aren't Happy About It

(Image credit: Toblerone commercial)

Toblerone bars have always been known for their unique triangular "peaks" of chocolatey goodness, but the customers are going to have to get used to seeing a lot more valleys and less peaks. The chocolatier recently changed the look of its famous candy bars by widening the gap between the chocolate triangles, and customers are not happy about it.

The newly designed Toblerone bars will noticeable decrease the amount of chocolate that customers will receive when buying the bar, but the price will remain unchanged, reports the Wall Street Journal. The company has already implemented the change on its larger bars, decreasing their weight from 400 grams to 360 grams, and now it will roll out a similar redesign on its smaller bars (that are only sold in the United Kingdom) to decrease their weight from 170 grams to 150 grams. Obviously, the change is making chocolate lovers very upset, since the Toblerone bars will provide less sweets for the same price. The company confirmed the changes via their Facebook account on Tuesday afternoon.

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The reason that Toblerone went forward with the unpopular redesign is reportedly due to rising costs in manufacturing their chocolate bars. The company pointed to increased prices in "many ingredients" as the reason the new bars are less bulky.

Similar size drops or price hikes have popped up recently in some foods around the United Kingdom due to the result of June's Brexit vote. That vote made importing ingredients more expensive for Britain now that it has exited the European Union. But a spokesperson for Toblerone ensures that the Brexit vote had nothing to do with the chocolate bar's design change. She says that the motions to make this change were in progress months before the vote, and instead cited the constantly rising price of cocoa and the drop in value of the euro against the Swiss franc that occurred at the beginning of 2015.

So it looks like you'll be getting a bit less chocolate for your buck next time you want to pick up a Toblerone. Get a look at the new design and how it compares to the one you're used to in the Wall Street Journal's video below.