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One college freshman's stolen Kit Kat bar just unexpectedly turned into the break of a lifetime. After Hunter Jobbins posted a note to Twitter from an anonymous thief who broke into his car solely to steal a Kit Kat bar, he became a viral sensation, and also was very handsomely reimbursed by Hershey.

Shortly after Kansas State University freshman Hunter Jobbins posted his thief's viral note to Twitter, Kit Kat stepped up to the plate to fill his entire car with Kit Kats. Just four days after his tweet was posted, the chocolate company brought him 6,500 Kit Kats to replace the stolen one.

Hunter Jobbins told Us Weekly that the whole experience has been really cool, and that it's helped him meet and get to know a lot of his fellow students on the campus that's still pretty new to him.

Kit Kat had actually contacted me and they sent a rep down from D.C. to come and fill my car with Kit Kats --- 6,500 to be exact, actually. They came to campus and I was passing out Kit Kats to students who came by and had heard the story. It was just a really great time to just meet everybody on campus and just pass out candy to everyone. It was just really fun.

All this because of a very bizarre and funny note that Hunter Jobbins found in his car about a week and a half ago. Jobbins wrote that he had briefly left his car in front of a dorm when he came back to find a note that said someone had entered his vehicle and taken a Kit Kat in his cupholder because he or she loves Kit Kats. Read the note for yourself below.

Of course, Hunter Jobbins wasn't very upset to find that something as trivial as a Kit Kat was taken from his car, when it obviously could have been much worse. And he certainly wasn't upset at all when the incident got him both viral fame and thousands of free Kit Kats. In fact, now Jobbins is thanking the robber, and invited him or her to meet up with him so he can thank them and offer them all the free Kit Kats that they want. Best robbery story ever!

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