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It has been an absolutely explosive weekend for the Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. Following all the social media hacks, explicit language, and alleged baby-napping that went down between the couple in the past few days, Kardashian came forward on Monday afternoon to apologize for the whole mess, to which Chyna responded with a loving heart emoji. It looks like things are getting back to a good place for the buzzy couple. Check out Rob Kardashian's apology post below.

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Rob Kardashian publicly apologized for his behavior over the weekend on his Instagram account Monday, writing that he was in a bad place and acted inappropriately. Kardashian only vaguely admitted to doing some bad things over the weekend, so it's still anyone's guess as to what he himself was actually responsible for in the midst of the crazy weekend. But, it appears the reality star is done with the drama and ready to make up with his fiancé, writing that he loves Blac Chyna and she's a great mother to their newborn daughter Dream Kardashian. And it looks like Chyna is ready to get back to the love as well --- she shared a screenshot of Kardashian's apology and posted a heart as a caption on her Instagram.

Rob Kardashian's apology follows a major Instagram hack of his fiancé Blac Chyna and his accusations that she had taken their newborn daughter Dream Kardashian and left their family home without his knowledge. Chyna's Instagram account flooded with screenshots of alleged messages between her and friends on Sunday night, following notes that the hacker was attempting to expose Chyna's infidelity and disparaging treatment of Kardashian. The now-deleted screenshots included exchanges with Jaden Smith and rapper Young Thug, along with messages allegedly between Chyna and a friend in which she ridicules Kardashian and says she's planning on leaving him.

Amid this Instagram drama, Rob Kardashian went on his own social media accounts to say that Blac Chyna had cleaned out her room in their home and left with baby Dream, E! News reported. Kardashian began to post various photos of Dream, begging Chyna to bring his baby back to him, all of which are now deleted. In response, Chyna posted a note (which is also --- you guessed it --- deleted now) implying that Kardashian was behind her Instagram hack, saying that he was lashing out due to his own personal issues. Chyna also claimed that the messages he posted here very old and that she has never cheated on Kardashian.

After all that insanity, it will probably take a while for Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna to fully smooth things over, but there isn't a couple in the world who is better at getting through hugely public blowups at this point.

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