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We already knew Channing Tatum was an incredible dancer, but now he's learning to hone some of his other musical abilities. The actor gave his fans a little peek at his piano-playing in a short new video.

It sounds like Channing Tatum is definitely keeping up his New Year's resolution to learn new things. Tatum revealed in an Instagram post that he's been teaching himself piano in 2017, and showed off a bit of his progress. Before launching into a choppy but overall pretty impressive rendition of Beethoven's "Für Elise," Tatum offered up a disclaimer to his followers that he's only been playing for two and a half weeks.

I'm going to shame myself into getting better by showing you wear I'm at two and a half weeks into learning how to play the piano. Bear with me; this is going to be brutal.

But the piece isn't all that brutal at all! Judge for yourself below.

Not too bad for a couple weeks and no formal lessons, I would say. But it's not good enough for Channing Tatum, who wrote that he's going to need to seek out some "legit lessons" soon. Do you think Tatum was inspired to pick up piano after seeing La La Land and hearing about how Ryan Gosling learned the instrument in three months for the musical role, according to the movie's composer. Maybe he's got his eyes set on the sequel: La La Land XXL.

Learning piano does seem like something of a natural progression for Channing Tatum, who's been showing off different facets of his musical ability throughout his acting career. He was a trained dancer before becoming an actor, a skill which he's shown off in his breakout starring roles in Step Up and Magic Mike, and he made his big-screen singing debut in last year's _Hail, Caesar! _--- playing an instrument himself is the only thing he really hasn't done when it comes to music.

Channing Tatum

While it seems as though Channing Tatum is taking on the piano as a means to personal growth, it could also have to do with a mysterious upcoming project that was announced last year. Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were announced as co-stars in a musical comedy about two pilots, which is being made by the producers of Wicked. Without a production date announced yet, Tatum might be a master at tickling the ivories by the time it gets made.

It sounds like Channing Tatum just has the music in his heart these days.