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Less than four months ago, the news of Kim Kardashian's major robbery shocked the world, and now Nicki Minaj is the latest victim of a celebrity-targeted burglary. Okay, well Minaj's isn't as traumatic as Kardashian's --- Kim was tied up and held at gunpoint in a foreign country, while Nicki luckily wasn't even home when her place got ransacked --- but it still put a very non-ideal dent in the rap superstar's bank account.

Nicki Minaj's pad was broken into and burglarized earlier this week, TMZ reported. Although we don't know who or how many robbers were involved, we do know that they made off with about $200,000 worth of jewelry and other property. Apparently, it also looks like the burglars may have had a personal vendetta against Minaj of some kind, since the robbers appear to have gone out of their way to vandalize the estate while they were in there. Sources say that the burglars smashed pictures and perfume bottles, and even cut up some of Minaj's clothing before they made off with the $200,000. Damn... cutting up her clothes?? Petty AF.

Thankfully, Nicki Minaj wasn't home when the robbery went down earlier this week. As her Instagram account shows, Minaj has been super busy this week --- she shot the music video for her song with Major Lazer "Run Up," and she reunited with her Young Money compadres Drake and Lil' Wayne. And although Minaj has been highly active on social media this week, she hasn't said a word about the robbery. It looks like she's just not really fazed by losing a couple hundred thousand dollars at all. In fact, she even tweeted that she dropped some dough on new jewelry a couple days ago... maybe to replace the pieces that were taken?

All of her other tweets have been upbeat and playful interactions with her fans, including her annoyance at the incorrect usage of "literally," and sharing her joy over the buzzy "Cash Me Outside, Howbow Dah?" meme. Clearly, her mind is on much nicer things than her recent robbery.

Who knows whether or not this burglary was personal or just an act of vandalism and thievery. Regardless, it's bad news for Nicki Minaj to have to deal with. And it's not the first bit of bad news for the star in recent months. Word got around just last month that the musician and Meek Mill had split up. Meek lives for the drama, as evidenced by the back-and-forth feud with Drake.

Nicki Minaj

As for Nicki Minaj, on the public front, it looks like she's doing ok after everything. Whoever was behind the robbery, it seems like they didn't even cause Nicki Minaj to bat an eye.

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