Taco Bell wedding merchandise

Lots of people always say that their wedding was the happiest day of their lives, but all of the happiest days in my life have included a trip to Taco Bell. Now I will finally be able to understand those overjoyed married couples, because Taco Bell is going to start offering weddings! Yep --- engaged couples ready to think outside the bun for their nuptials can say "I do" while scarfing down a Chalupa as early as this summer. Romance is truly alive!

The Taco Bell wedding option will only be available in the chain's flagship Las Vegas Cantina store beginning this summer, according to the Taco Bell's website. In a press release for the upcoming wedding package, Taco Bell describes all of the unique memorabilia couples get along with their wedding for their $600, including a branded garter and bowtie, and a bouquet made of sauce packets! I wonder if they let you choose between mild, hot, and fire for the bouquet...

Couples will be able to order the Wedding Package off the menu, which includes a Taco Bell garter, bow tie, Sauce Packet wedding bouquet, "Just Married" t-shirts, Taco Bell champagne flutes and a Cinnabon Delights Wedding Cake. And because it's a Taco Bell Wedding, couples will get to enjoy a Taco 12 Pack for their first meal as newlyweds. The package will ring in at $600 and will include a full ceremony and officiant.

In true Las Vegas fashion, there's absolutely no prior planning necessary; all you and your sweetheart have to do is get a marriage license and then you can literally order the wedding right off of Taco Bell's menu. "Yeah, I'll have a number 7 with a Diet Coke. Oh, and a wedding too." The package costs $600, but you'll get a full wedding ceremony in the restaurant's chapel, along with a reception and a bunch of Taco Bell goodies.

The fast food chain as uploaded a short video to give couples an idea of what the Taco Bell wedding experience will looks like. Take a look below.

On top of all this overwhelming news, Taco Bell has also launched a contest asking couples to submit short videos of themselves telling a story about how Taco Bell was involved in their relationship... Like, you met after both reaching for the same Cheesy Gordita Crunch on the counter, maybe? I don't know. Anyway, fans get to vote on the winners and that couple gets flown out to Las Vegas to be the first official Taco Bell bride and groom.

In other news, McDonald's is now offering customers McDivorce Settlements in some branches, and Burger King is adding couple's counseling to its menu, just in case anyone's marriage happens to crumble like a hard-shelled taco. (Just kidding!)

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