Watch This Guy Break The Record For Most Snaps In A Minute

Here's some news that will make you say "Oh snap!" A student in Japan just broke the world record for most snaps in a minute on live television earlier this month, and the video is unbelievable.

Satoyuki Fujimara managed to break the nearly decade-old most snaps in a minute record at the beginning of February during an appearance on the Japanese late-night variety show Tantei! Knight Scoop. In front of a studio audience, a Guinness Book of World Records judge, and two professional sound engineers, Fujimara wowed everyone by snapping his fingers a record-breaking 296 times in the span of one minute. Check out the full video below.

After watching that, it's definitely clear that Satoyuki Fujimara earned that record --- you can see him squatting up and down and making pained expressions throughout the torturous minute as he wills himself to continue snapping his fingers. In the end, it paid off, as he is awarded a certificate that decrees his induction into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Just to put Satoyuki Fujimara's feat into perspective for you, since I doubt any of us are well-versed in the specifics of finger snapping, Fujimara managed to snap his fingers nearly 5 times per second. According to AOL, Tantei! Knight Scoop's sound engineers even looked over the tape to ensure each of the snapping sounds was the result of his thumb and middle finger. The average person can snap their fingers around twice in a second, so Fujimara was moving two and a half times faster than the average person for the full minute he was snapping.

Satoyuki Fujimara reported that he learned his quick-snapping technique from his mother, and it obviously served the university student well. Fujimara managed to beat the record that Swedish-born Jens Gudmandsen set back in 2008, nearly ten years ago. In a sound studio in Stockholm, Sweden, Gudmandsen managed to snap his fingers 278 times in a minute. Fujimara managed to beat that record by just 18 snaps! Since it took nearly a decade for someone to beat Gudmandsen's record, I have a feeling that Fujimara will be sitting pretty in the Guinness Book of World Records for quite some time.

In case you were wondering about what other hand sound-related records there are, a similar record for the most hand claps within one minute was set pretty recently in 2014 by American Eli Bishop when he clapped his hands 1,020 times in a sound proof recording studio. Also in 2014, another American named Karsten Mohn snagged the record for the most one-handed claps in a minute by clapping only his right hand 403 times.

And, now, Satoyuki Fujimara joins the ranks of these great hand-sound-makers... I don't really know what to call them. But it's super impressive nonetheless!