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Spring break can be a great time when planned appropriately. It can be a time to bust out new bikinis and meet new people all while perfecting your tan. Or, you know, get arrested. For one teen heading to spring break, the week is going to be a whole lot less exciting. The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office caught a teen driving to Destin with a ton of cases of beer, a fake driver's license and pot in the center console. Here's the hilariously reasonable response the department gave after catching the young man speeding, along with the aforementioned issues.

If you're only 19 years old and heading to Spring Break in Destin with seven 30 pack cases of beer in your truck,...

Posted by Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office on Friday, March 17, 2017

I don't know what more there is to say beyond what the Sheriff responded with. If you are going to make a slew of dumb decisions, it's probably best to not make another decision on top of that that could get you in more trouble. If the 19-year-old teen had driven all the way to Destin like a model citizen, he may never have been pulled over in the first place, which means he could have made it to Florida with all the giant cases of beer he stowed away in the back of his trunk. Instead, he combined driving with beer he wasn't old enough to consume and pot, which isn't legal in Florida. And then he drove recklessly on top of that. I just wonder how many of his pals are going to be without beer this week thanks to the decisions he made.

Personally, my favorite thing about this post is not the Sheriff's response but the top comment underneath, which notes there are a ton of dumb decisions that were made by the unnamed teen, but that the biggest one was choosing Natty Light as his beer of choice. There's so much better beer out there, my friend. One of these days you will likely learn about the joys of more interesting beer, when you are of legal age and no longer looking to slam the alcohol down as quickly as possible.

It's not as if this is the only teen the Okaloosa Sheriff's department is cracking down on right now. As a county in Florida, Okaloosa County has to deal with plenty of spring breakers around this time of year, and it is clearly looking to get out the word that the department has zero tolerance in regards to underage alcohol possession.

Our photo's already been viewed nearly nine-million times. We hope it reaches and convinces a multitidue of Spring...

Posted by Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office on Sunday, March 19, 2017

So, take in all the sun you want this spring break, but maybe avoid reckless driving and booze, especially if you are underage and anywhere near the Okaloosa Sheriff's department.

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