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We have a light and pleasant story to report from the Jackson family camp. It has been a while since we have had upbeat news about the Jackson family, so it feels like a welcome departure from other developments. This week, Michael Jackson's eldest children, Prince Jackson and Paris Jackson, took to social media to post photos of their new matching tattoos. While the matching tattoos indicate the happy state of their sibling relationship, the symbolic design might give us insight into the personalities of MJ's kids now that they are grown up. Check out the photo shared by Prince Jackson, below:

You are with me and I am with you ?

A post shared by Prince Jackson (@princejackson) on

As we mentioned, Paris Jackson posted the same photo on her Instagram account, which has more than 1 million followers. While her big brother's caption was short and sweet, Paris Jackson captioned the photo with a full description of the ancient Chinese philosophy behind yin and yang, which gives us more of an idea as to why they chose the tattoos. According to Paris's explanation, the yin on Prince Jackson's ankle carries a passive female principle of the universe with characteristics of the night and the moon, such as calmness. Meanwhile, the yang on Paris's ankle has an active male principle of the universe associated with features of the sky and sun, like expression. Do you think Paris's tattoo represents her brother, while Prince's tattoo represents Paris, or is it the other way around?

Paris concluded the caption with loving words about her big brother, and she provided some of the reasoning behind why they chose the symbolic design. Here's what she had to say about it:

Sometimes I feel like my big brother and I always think the same thoughts, he just doesn't have a filter and always vocalizes them though total opposites, like my gooko and I, the inseparable yin and yang work together finding and causing balance within each other. Matchies with my bestie Prince Jackson!

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Sometimes it seems like the Jackson family will forever be squabbling, so it is heartening to see two members who not only get along but love each other. It reminds us of the special bond between Michael Jackson and his little sister, Janet Jackson. We love watching the siblings, both of whom have other tattoos, grow up with such a sense of solidarity. We also enjoy watching Michael Jackson's children, Paris Jackson in particular, on their journey to becoming celebrities. It is, after all, sort-of their birthright, no?

In recent months, Paris Jackson has been dabbling in acting and modeling as well as activism. She has come a long way in a few short years, and she seems happy and healthy in her life at 18 years old. Sure, she and Prince Michael Jackson will always be Michael Jackson's kids, but if their Instagram accounts are any measure of humility, then they both seem refreshingly humble. They both post a hodgepodge of relatable moments that seem influenced more by good friendships and good values than a desire to exploit their good fortune.

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