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Look who's back! Former actress Amanda Bynes recently took the time to stop and smell the roses for a picture, which she posted to social media. It marked the first time the former Nickelodeon star had posted a picture of herself since February of 2016. Bynes did post a series of tweets to deny rumors of an alleged engagement and pregnancy and to warn news outlets about an imposter posing as her on Twitter earlier this year. However, Bynes has kept a rather low profile otherwise in the past few years, so it is great to see her out and about with a gal pal. Check out the photo and continue reading below for details:

Amanda Bynes posted the photo to her Twitter account, which is her only official social media account (perhaps for good reasons). In the picture, the 31-year-old celebrity looked happy and healthy as she and her friend stood before a table stacked with beautiful bouquets of flowers. Bynes sported straight platinum-blonde hair that nearly reached her waist, and the star looked comfortable in flats and pegged jogging pants with a black top that bared her shoulders. It was a breath of fresh air to see Bynes enjoying her day this way, a far cry from the worrisome state she appeared to be in not so long ago.

In fact, it has been only a few years since Amanda Bynes made headlines first for her erratic behavior online with embarrassing and outrageous tweets, and then for brushes with the law and an eventual 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold for a mental health evaluation in July 2013. Bynes's mother, Lynn Bynes, became the star's temporary conservator afterward, but then in October 2014, Bynes got put on another psychiatric hold when she alleged her father abused her, retracted the claims, and blamed a microchip in her head for making her lie.

After that dark time, Amanda Bynes's parents announced she had begun making "great strides toward recovery." She enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She broke her silence on social media a handful of times to let followers know she was doing well at school. Things got even better in February of this year when Amanda Bynes' lawyer revealed that the She's the Man star was released from probation for the DUI she received in 2014 for driving after taking Adderall her doctor had prescribed. So, with the new freedom, Bynes may be ready to move forward in wholesome ways.

We would love to see her make a strong comeback one day. Back when Amanda Bynes's bizarre behavior first began, it was surprising and sometimes comical, but the revelation that it stemmed from a matter of mental health made the situation no laughing matter. For that reason, we are happy to see that most of Bynes's followers sent her messages of love and support on this tweet, encouraging her to continue along a path toward healing. Moreover, we love that Bynes's photo shows her stopping to enjoy her day. Hopefully, we can all remember to do the same. It's great to see you, Amanda. We are rooting for you.