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Jerry Seinfeld is not the hugging kind--at least not before he knows a person. On Monday, June 7, Kesha found that out the hard way when she approached the ultra-famous comedian and philanthropist, asked him for a hug, and got denied a total of three times before she scurried away flustered. (No hug for you, Kesha!) Seinfeld has since opened up about why he gave Kesha the cold shoulder. In an interview, the funnyman explained,

I was right in the middle of an interview. It was a little off. I don't hug a total stranger. I have to meet someone [and] say hello. I've got to start somewhere. I'm sure I would've liked her, but I need to know who you are.

The awkward interaction happened on the red carpet of the A Night of Laughter and Song event at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. It could have been a scene straight from Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm. Kesha interrupted Jerry Seinfeld in the middle of an interview so she could ask for a hug, but the Golden Globe-winning sitcom star tossed up his hand, slightly backed away, and kept saying, "No, thanks," over and over until the pop star ducked out of the scene. You can see the exchange, below.

After the uncomfortable but hilarious incident, Jerry Seinfeld spoke to Extra and indicated he felt like a hug is not an appropriate first interaction for two strangers. The Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee star suggested he is not big on hugs anyway, so giving a hug is out of the question when it comes to someone whom he has never met or does not recognize. Seinfeld also talked about how people at his age who have some life experience behind them sometimes live in their "own reality," and in his reality at age 63, a hug from a stranger is not happening. Moreover, he said he does not know every pop star in the world these days, which explains why he was not familiar with Kesha.

Still, Jerry Seinfeld did say he and Kesha talked later after they had a formal introduction. Seinfeld said Kesha seemed like a nice person, and in the end, the two celebs laughed about the awkward red-carpet moment. However, Kesha still did not get that hug she had so heavily sought.

It seems entirely understandable Jerry Seinfeld has a no-hugging policy by default. After all, the man is a megastar who has been taking requests for hugs, selfies, signatures, and other personal interactions for decades. Plus, Kesha interrupted him during an interview and caught him off guard. But poor Kesha. With all of the complicated legal issues Kesha is working on, she probably could use a hug right about now. Still, it is heartening to know the two celebrities met up later and talked.

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