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Ray and Wilma Yoder, an adorable couple from Goshen, Indiana, are on their way to capturing a total knockout in their quest to frequent all 645 locations of the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. In fact, these two intrepid 80-year-olds have already crossed off more than 600 locations from their to-do list. The whole story started not long after the chain of restaurants first opened in 1969 in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Ray Yoder began his whirlwind patronage of Cracker Barrel about 40 years ago while he was working as a delivery person for the company Coachman. Back then, he spent a ton of time traveling all around the United States to make deliveries. According to Yoder, the dream to visit every Cracker Barrel started as a way to take the tedium out of traveling back and forth across the nation.

At some point, Ray Yoder convinced his wife to join him in his unique pursuit. According to The Lebanon Democrat, Ray and Wilma Yoder traveled more than 5 million miles to visit 643 Cracker Barrel locations over the following four decades. Now there are but two they have yet to visit: one in Tualatin, Oregon, and another in Lavonia, Georgia.

Don't worry. The Yoders should not have too much trouble crossing the 100% mark soon. Ray and Wilma Yoder might visit the Cracker Barrel in Oregon later this year. Furthermore, they plan to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony on opening day at the new Cracker Barrel in Georgia. Plus, the Yoders receive exclusive tips about Cracker Barrel store openings, so they should be able to hang on to their record once they achieve it.

Ray and Wilma Yoder are as cute as can be. Check out this photo of the Yoders outside of the Cracker Barrel in Lebanon, Tennessee:

Ray Yoder said he and his wife have been to so many Cracker Barrels that they now notice small discrepancies from place to place. For example, they see it when the games (like the checker boards and those tricky 15-peg triangle board games) on the tables are incorrectly set up. However, the Yoders usually do not sweat the small stuff because, according to the Yoders, the staff has been great at every single Cracker Barrel. Ray Yoder said,

It's the same good service and great people wherever you go. ... It has a down-home spirit, and everybody is friendly. It's like being at home.

As if Ray and Wilma Yoder were not already awesome enough, they say they have two rules when the visit Cracker Barrel. First, they must buy something, whether it is as small as candy or gum. They refuse to pretend that rolling up into the parking lot counts as a proper visit to their favorite restaurant. Secondly, they must leave a tip.

Did your heart just burst with smiles? Ours did. We're rooting for you, Yoder family!

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