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Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony separated this year after reports claimed he cheated on her, but the word on the street is the Anthonys are not getting a divorce. Now Carmelo Anthony appears to be putting in the extra work to repair the marriage with flattering gestures on social media. For example, the New York Knicks basketball player recently posted this sharp image of his wife.

Carmelo Anthony shared the picture with his 8.95 million Twitter followers, and in the tweet, he reacted with emojis: eyes, a red heart, and a planet Earth. In emoji language, Carmelo Anthony might have been saying he can't stop staring at his gorgeous wife and only has eyes for her; moreover, La La Anthony has his heart and is his world.

Carmelo Anthony has made gestures like this one since the split. For example, he previously commented with loving words on pictures La La Anthony posted to social media. Plus, on La La Anthony's birthday last month, Carmelo Anthony posted another photo of her looking great. In the caption, he wrote,

I look at you on this birthday, and it is hard to believe another year has passed. You are as beautiful now as ever before!!! Sending Birthday wishes to MY EARTH. Love YOU.

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Afterward, La La Anthony spoke with Wendy Williams and said she and her husband were not getting divorced. The talk show host brought up Carmelo Anthony's social-media gestures, and she said he seemed to want La La Anthony back. The Power actress quipped that he should.

And why not? After all, La La Anthony is killing it these days and tearing up the scene in hot looks like the one Carmelo Anthony tweeted. That gorgeous Constantina & Louise Diamande Sparkle dress looks banging on her, so it is no wonder her estranged husband is checking her out.

Earlier this year, Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony were on the outs after seven years of marriage and an even longer relationship. Reportedly, the relationship fell apart when reports surfaced that he had had an affair with another woman, who supposedly become pregnant as a result. Within weeks, new reports said the Anthonys were working out the terms for custody of their ten-year-old son, Kiyan Anthony.

For a while, it looked like La La Anthony was ready to move on as a single mom. For instance, she stepped out solo at the 2017 Met Gala, an event she and her husband frequented together in the past. However, in the Wendy Williams interview, La La Anthony indicated that the complex nature of love and relationships applied to her marriage as much as anybody else's. While she did not go into too much detail, she did say she and her NBA-star husband would do whatever was in the best interest of their son.

Marriage can be hard work. Carmelo Anthony publicly expressing his love for La La Anthony is a good step in the right direction. We'll keep wishing the best for them.

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