Macklemore Involved In A Crash With A Drunk Driver

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Over the summer, a drunk driver crashed his pickup truck into Macklemore's car and left a shocking scene. The crash deployed the airbags and demolished the front of each vehicle. There were shards of glass on the ground, and there was blood spattered to and fro. Miraculously, nobody in Macklemore's car got hurt, and Jake Pitcher, the driver of the pickup truck, sustained minor injuries to his head and neck. Now details of the accident show the situation could easily have been a grave one, as Pitcher had a blood alcohol level at least twice the legal limit.

The accident occurred on a Friday night in late July in the small island town of Langley, Washington, about two hours north of Seattle by car. The head-on collision totaled both vehicles. Somehow, everyone in Macklemore's car walked away unscathed. On the other hand, Jake Pitcher needed to visit the hospital. But TMZ says police documents confirm Pitcher's BAC was .19% at least two hours after the crash. In the end, Washington State Police arrested him, and he received a DUI sentence last week.

After the crash, Macklemore was quiet about the topic for a while, perhaps because he was still processing everything. Eventually, he opened up about the incident in an interview with CBS Radio New York's 92.3 AMP Radio. He spoke of the thoughts that raced through his mind as the drunk driver's car flew around a corner while going "almost 50" before swerving into the wrong lane. Macklemore said he thought his time was up and he said,

There's just that split second of like, 'I'm gonna die,' -- BOOM -- and then you get hit. I thought the other guy was dead. Everyone in my car was safe. My little 10-year-old nephew was using curse words that I didn't know he knew.

Macklemore said the experience was "super scary" and he knew the driver of the car must have been drunk because, in his opinion, no one sober would have been driving in such a reckless way. Macklemore said he felt thankful his Maybach was a "tank," but he knew if the car had not been so strong, he might have died. He then tried to dissuade anyone tempted to drink and drive. He urged people to "take Ubers, walk, take the bus," and he said,

Just don't drink and drive. It's not worth it.

Aside from the car accident, it has been a good few months for Macklemore. The 34-year-old rapper released his second full-length studio album, Gemini, last month, and he has been busy promoting three singles, "Glorious" with Skylar Grey, "Marmalade" with Lil Yachty, and "Good Old Days" with Kesha. But even the fact nobody was seriously injured in the crash is something positive, so Macklemore should thank his lucky stars.