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Rita Ora Rocked A Robe And $7.8 Million In Diamonds, Check It Out

Pop singer Rita Ora stood out from stars who wore high-fashion gowns on the red carpet at the 2017 MTV European Music Awards on Sunday. The program's 26-year-old host showed up wearing nearly $8 million of diamond jewelry to complement her high-fashion--bathrobe! The getup was hilarious and paired with a video sketch that kicked off the show. In the sketch, Ora "arrived late" to Wembley Arena in London and rushed through the halls to get to the stage. Watch here:

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Rita Ora shared a clip of the video with her 12.2 million followers on Instagram, where she received rave reviews for her prowess as an awards-show presenter. The whole bathrobe idea was a plan, and the Fifty Shades of Grey actress knocked it out of the park with her impressive jewels, which cost about $7.8 million according to Daily Mail. In fact, Ora wore two versions of the bathrobe. One had a long train, and assistants helped position it for red-carpet photos. The other was shorter, about thigh length, so Ora could freely walk around the stage.

But Rita Ora had options besides bathroom wear, too. Throughout the evening, the "Your Song" singer took the stage in a total of 13 outfits. For example, she wore a colorful gown at one point, and a different time she tossed on bike shorts with a crop top to show off her abs.

Interestingly, Rita Ora posted a social media gallery of photos in the bathrobe look a day or so before the event. Ora said she was prepping for the show. The stunning black-and-white images looked like a classic Hollywood beauty like Marilyn Monroe getting glam for a night on the town. Little did anyone know the pictures came from a test run of the actual outfit Ora would later wear when she arrived at the venue on the day of the awards show. (Come to think of it, the pictures might have come from the shoot of the video sketch.) How funny! Take a look:

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The stunt outfit was clever, and makes me wonder why more people don't try bathrobe chic as, say, a Halloween costume. (Note to self: a bathrobe can be a Halloween costume.) Regardless, the outfit drew attention to the incredible Lorraine Schwartz jewelry Rita Ora wore for the evening. However, it turns out the bathrobes were equally as high-fashion, and they came from Spanish brand Palomo Spain. Alejandro Gómez Palomo, the company's founder, hopped on social media to post a full view of Rita Ora on the red carpet. Check it out:

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It is a lot of fun when celebrities go the extra mile when it comes to the playfulness of their outfits. And what better place to do it than an MTV awards show? Because of the lightheartedness of the moment, this gimmicky look turned out to be a slam dunk for Rita Ora.