If you ever feel like randomly getting searched for drugs, you should hop on a tour bus immediately. It doesn’t matter where you are. Sweden? Texas? Many of the fine people who live in said location will assume there is a large amount of marijuana or worse hidden beneath the pull out beds and/ or mini-fridge. Cops will have the same assumptions. Unfortunately, some people make their livelihoods riding around on tour buses and constantly getting pulled over gets more than a little annoying. Just ask 2 Chainz.

The popular rapper was hanging out on his tour bus when it was pulled over in Oklahoma a little after midnight. According to TMZ, cops smelled a little weed on their way to approach the owner. They tried to use the odor as a reason to enter the vehicle, but the eleven people on board pulled advice from Jay-Z’s playbook and said, ”you gon’ need a warrant for that”.

Unfortunately, the police officers decided to actually go get a warrant, and after a multi-hour standoff, they returned and promptly searched the tour bus where they allegedly found, you guessed it, drugs. 2 Chainz and the ten other people on board were all arrested for “interfering with the police process”, whatever the hell that means. Apart from whoever they pin the blame for the actual drugs on, everyone else will likely only get slapped on the wrist or see their charges dropped entirely. After all, I’m not a lawyer, and I’m pretty sure I could get any of these men off for basically asking the cops to produce a warrant before letting a vehicle get searched.

Not surprisingly, 2 Chainz isn’t too pleased about what happened. You can check out some of his tweets about the matter below…

The police officers in question are reportedly sticking to their story that drugs were found at the scene, but it’s unclear what the supposed drugs may have been. Regardless, cops are going to need to charge someone pretty soon if they have any drug evidence; so, at that point, we should have a pretty good idea where everyone stands.

We’ll keep you updated. Until then, if you’re going to blaze up, think about using a Honda Accord or something along those lines. No one’s on the lookout for a stoner in a dependable, efficient and boring vehicle.

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