22 Years Later: Madonna Sued Over Vogue Sample

In the twenty-two years since Madonna first released “Vogue”, the track has made a ton of money. Both in sales and increases in popularity, the song has lined the Material Girl’s wallet with a lot of twenties, and now, executives at VMG would like a few of those bills to come their way.

In a new lawsuit filed on Wednesday, the Delaware company claims it hired Richard Pettibone to remix its track “Love Break”, first released in 1977. Years later, when he worked on Madonna’s “Vogue”, he allegedly sampled some of the strings he used in the prior effort without crediting VMG or giving it any percentage of the profits. Last year, the company supposedly hired an expert to confirm the samples were the same. Lawyers for the company claim the analysis proved a match, and as a result, they’d like unspecified damages related to “Vogue” and all its remixes.

According to E! Online, the lawsuit contends the sampling was deliberate and covered up, but thus far, neither Madonna nor her representatives have spoken publically about the legal action. They were supposedly hit with copyright infringement notices twice in the last year but did nothing to rectify the situation.

If the sample is one hundred percent proven to be the same by all parties involved, I would expect a quick settlement. If it’s unclear how much or if any of “Love Break” was taken, the Material Girl and Warner Bros will probably fight it out with VMG in court.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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