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Sally Field as Aunt May

It's always embarrassing when your mom tries to get you on a date. It's even more embarrassing, when she lets the whole world know about it. Last week, during the PyeongChang Olympics, Sam Greisman told his mom, Sally Field, that he harbors a crush on U.S. Olympian figure skater Adam Rippon. Greisman shared the exchange they had on Twitter, without revealing the athlete's identity. But Field went one step further. She tagged Rippon into their conversation, letting him know how her son felt. Naturally, Greisman is red with embarrassment, and he reached out to Rippon to apologize.

As covered by Entertainment Tonight, Greisman is so mortified by the whole ordeal that the 30-year-old reached out to the 28-year-old celebrity crush Adam Rippon directly in order to apologize on both his own and his mom's behalf. In addition to his own chagrin, Greisman also feels that Rippon was unjustly put on the spot, and he doesn't think that's right. At this time, Rippon reportedly hasn't responded to his message. But, during an interview with Buzzfeed in their Snapchat studio, the first openly gay U.S. male athlete to qualify for the Winter Olympics went ahead and talked about the whole embarrassing situation in charming, good-hearted fashion. He only had good things to say about Sam Greisman and Sally Field --- especially the latter.

Sally! She bold. Sam, your mom -- I admire her. And I'm sure one day we're going to meet! So thanks, mom.

Sam Greisman's initial tweet for this whole debacle was a simple one. Screenshotting a text conversation the son was having with his mom, he decided to showcase Sally Field's fawning praise for the popular athlete, requesting that her son "find a way" to get together with the talented eligible bachelor.

Sally Field then took the initiative, making a ploy to make sure that her son did, indeed, find a way to hook up with the world-watched figure skater.

It didn't take long before Sam Greisman let out a one-word tweet that perfectly encapsulated the awkward Twitter interaction that just took place. It should be said that Greisman also included Adam Rippon in his response to his mom, Sally Field, therefore letting them both in on his embarrassment.

When he's not the son of Sally Field, Sam Greisman is a filmmaker by trade. He has written and directed a few short films, which includes After School in 2015 andDinner with Jeffrey in 2016. Hopefully, the potential bright side to this unwanted media attention is that maybe the right producer is watching and ready to give the rising filmmaker his first big break. Who knows? Maybe that's merely wishful thinking. And when Sally Field isn't too busy embarrassing the living daylights out of her youngest child, she can last be seen in the Netflix comedy Little Evil, which is the latest film from her second child, Eli Craig.

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