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Fabolous Lituation

Fabolous is in deep trouble right now. On Wednesday night, the rapper was arrested for allegedly assaulting his on-and-off girlfriend Emily B. As it is being reported today, the musician is being charged with two felonies, aggravated assault and making a terroristic threat. He surrendered to the police.

TMZ reports multiple sources close to the couple confess that Fabolous turned himself over to the police in Englewood, NJ, where he lives in Emily B, with his attorney by his side. The police first reported to the scene after Emily B called them, claiming Fabolous allegedly struck her. It's also reported that Fabolous didn't spend any jail time. Instead, Fabolous was cited for the alleged incident and he was given a ticket for his future court appearance.

Here's what Alberto Ebanks, Fabolous's attorney, told Billboard about his client's recent criminal charges.

I've known Fab close to 20 years and believe he is incapable of engaging in the alleged conduct.

Fabolous also seemingly responded to the incident on Instagram last night, when he posted an Instagram photo to his 5.4 followers claiming that 2018 was "tryna break" his heart. Accompanying this message was an emoji of a broken heart. Fabolous didn't mention the incident specifically in this video, but given that it was released late last night just after he was booked with this charges, one should infer that it's related to his recent legal problems. Emily B, meanwhile, has yet to publicly address the incident, either on her social media or elsewhere, that occurred with her long-time boyfriend.

Emily B and Fabolous have been together, on-and-off, for the past 13 years. The former is a New York-based shoe designer who rose to prominence when she appeared on VH1's reality TV series Love & Hip Hop in 2011. The latter is a musician with nearly 20 years of experience to his name. He is best known for his hit singles like "Baby Don't Go," "Make Me Better," "Trade It All, Part 2" and "Breathe," just to name a few. Fabolous is also known for his collaborations with several rap and R&B artists, such as Diddy, Ja Rule, Nate Dogg, Jamie Foxx, Christina Milian and more, just to name a few of his most noteworthy collaborations.

This past November, Fabolous released his latest album, Friday at Elm Street, with Jadakiss. It was originally titled Freddy vs. Jason. It was released by Def Jam Recordings. Fabolous and Emily B share two children together, ten-year-old Johan Jackson and two-year-old Jonas Jackson. Information about this recent incident is limited at this time. We'll keep you posted on any additional updates as they arrive.