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Abby Lee Miller Dance Moms

Dance Moms personality Abby Lee Miller received devastating news earlier this week. The reality TV star is reportedly battling cancer, which is likely related to her recent health drama. More specifically, according to Abby Lee's doctor, Dr. Hooman M. Melamed, Miller could be struggling with Burkitt Lymphoma, a form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Further testing will determine if this is true, but Miller will know her diagnosis by the end of the week.

TMZ reported the distressing news. Information about Abby Lee Miller's condition is still coming in, but Dr. Hooman Melamed says Miller will need another spinal surgery relatively soon. As it was reported yesterday, Abby Lee Miller was rushed to the hospital earlier this week and nearly died after an usual spinal infection rapidly worsened over the course of 24 hours. Miller was paralyzed from the neck down, and if they didn't operate on her immediately, there was a good chance Miller would be paralyzed permanently. The Dance Moms figurehead needed a multi-level laminectomy, an intensive surgery that took nearly five hours to complete. Abby Lee is currently recovering inside the ICU of Cedar Sinai Marina Del Ray Hospital.

In addition to this recent health scare, Abby Lee Miller was also in the hospital for a thyroid condition the week before her first surgery. Since her back surgery, Abby Lee claims that she has been feeling more sensation, with feeling returning to her arms and other parts of her body. It's unclear if she'll walk again, but Dr. Hooman Melamed previously said if she recovered properly, it could be hopeful. Although with this potential new diagnosis, it's not clear what Abby Lee Miller's health condition is at the moment. She was reportedly feeling optimistic before this cancer development was announced.

Beyond her health concerns, Abby Lee Miller is currently finishing up her prison term in a halfway house. Last year, the Dance Moms star was sentenced to one year and one day in prison for bankruptcy fraud; she pled guilty to 20 counts of fraud. Abby Lee Miller served eight months in the Victorville, CA prison before she was relocated to her new location. It is considered a "safe, structured and supervised environment," although in some cases, it's also considered even more strict than prison. At least, according to some women who have gone through the halfway house. Miller herself hasn't commented much on the conditions of the halfway house, and was transported from that residence to the hospital. She is scheduled to be released on May 25th.

Of course, we will keep you posted on the latest developments in Abby Lee Miller's sad and concerning health condition at CinemaBlend.