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Possible Details About Bill Cosby's Future Prison Sentence Revealed

Bill Cosby ...Far From Finished (2013)

Following Bill Cosby's conviction, the actor and comedian will probably end up in jail, but there will be some differences between Cosby's tenure in jail and the average person's. As more information about the comedian's prison time has come to light, it has been revealed that Cosby will likely receive special treatment while locked behind bars for his "health and safety," due not only to his high profile and his elderly age, but also to his blindness. The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections provides a variety of services for inmates with special needs, including those who need wheelchairs or, like Cosby, are blind. These services are provided to any inmate with such needs, and they would reportedly apply to Bill Cosby too if he's imprisoned.

According to law enforcement officers close to the area, Bill Cosby is allegedly expected to receive assistance while serving his sentence in prison. That could include a fellow inmate escorting Cosby around in prison for his daily routine, or even a special cell -- if it is needed, based on his deteriorating health. If official, items would be brought in to the actor when needed, meaning he wouldn't need to move around the prison as much. And due to Bill Cosby's age and the fact that if he is sentenced to prison he would be a first-time prisoner, TMZ says he will likely receive a "trained peer support specialist". They would serve as guides to Cosby's expected transition to prison.

Additionally, due to his high profile celebrity status, Bill Cosby might also be eligible to warrant additional security measures. It will depend on the status of Bill Cosby's prison sentence. Officials are currently evaluating what will need to happen if Cosby is set to prison, and it's a story that will continue to develop in the weeks and months -- maybe even years -- to come.

Last week, Bill Cosby was found guilty on all three counts of aggravated indecent assault. The 80-year-old comedian faces a maximum of 10 years in prison for each charge, and it's possible that he will live out the rest of his limited time on Earth inside a prison cell. Cosby reportedly lashed out at the prosecutors after it was asked that he be taken into custody immediately since he has a private jet and could flee, raising his voice and using profanity, which further removed the comedian away from the family-friendly image he built for himself throughout the last five decades. As it is being reported today, one juror said Cosby's own 2005 disposition is what led him to believe he was guilty. By Cosby's own admission, Harrison Synder told Good Morning America that Cosby suggested that he had sexual affairs with these women and that he acquired drugs.

Bill Cosby was released on a one million dollar bail, and he was previously ordered to remain in his house until further sentencing. We'll keep you posted on additional updates related to Bill Cosby's case as they arrive.

Will Ashton
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