Rapper G-Eazy Has Been Arrested For Nightclub Brawl, And We May Know Why

G-Eazy "Let's Get Lost" Music Video

Rapper Gerald Gillum, better known for his stage name G-Eazy, had one rough night in Sweden. On Thursday, following a show, Gillum was in a nightclub in Stockholm when he was avidly approached by a pesky fan who kept insisting on getting a photo with the musician. Then things got heated. When punches were thrown, G-Eazy hit the wrong dude, and the night took a turn for the worst when the police came and soon found cocaine laced inside his pockets. So, yeah. It wasn't the rapper's finest moment, by any means. Here's a breakdown of what exactly happened to G-Eazy.

As TMZ recounts, G-Eazy was lounging in the VIP Room in Stockholm's Solidaritet nightclub. When the fan first asked for a photo, Gerald Gillum simply told the fan no, but the fan reportedly wouldn't stop. He allegedly asked the musician at least two or three times before the fan when ahead and started taking photos anyway, without his consent. G-Eazy's crew walked over and reportedly smashed the person's phone, which caused the wannabe photo-taker to absolutely lose it. He shoved one member of G-Eazy's crew and then it turned into a full-out bar brawl.

During the fight, G-Eazy reportedly threw an accidental punch at one of the club's hired personnel, and that's when the authorities were alerted. Sure enough, G-Eazy found himself heading to jail shortly thereafter. And when he made his way to jail, the police found the cocaine located inside his pockets. G-Eazy's songs often mention his love for blow, so it wasn't exactly a shock to find the powder stuffed inside his clothes. Nevertheless, Gillum was locked up for suspicion of assault, possession of narcotics and use of narcotics. He saw a judge for his crimes earlier today, according to the reports, and he is apparently no longer locked behind bars.

As it was later reported by TMZ, G-Eazy was no longer held in custody and he was allowed to leave the country. And because he was in Sweden, he was apparently free to leave without posting bail. Not a bad deal. That said, Gerald Gillum is expected to pay $9,000 in fines, as well as coughing up reimbursements to the man he hurt. So, G-Eazy isn't walking away with a wallet full of cash from this violent nightclub ordeal.

G-Eazy recently put out his third studio album, The Beautiful & Damned, in December. He is currently on a worldwide tour for the album, which is how he found himself in Sweden. The Oakland-based musician is next seen in Copenhagen, Denmark on Sunday. We're sure G-Eazy would love to move away from his whole ordeal as soon as possible.

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