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Cardi B Saturday Night Live

When it came time for Cardi B's wedding, she didn't ring any wedding bells. Hell, she didn't even leave her house. As it is being reported today, the chart-topping musician married her fiancee, Offset, on the whim in a fairly unusual wedding destination: her bedroom. Driven by spontaneity, the couple decided to tie the knot on the spot inside their very own living quarters, the day Offset first proposed to Cardi B. Cardi B and Offset have been married since September, on the day when Offset popped the question. Even when Cardi B is at the top of her game, the musician likes to keep things extremely casual. Here's what we know about the impulsive wedding ceremony between the "Bodak Yellow" rapper and her now-husband.

According to sources close to the married couple, as reported by TMZ, Offset woke up one morning in September with Cardi B by his side and he said, simply, "Marry me." Cardi B was quick to say yes. While that might be impulsive enough for some couples, Cardi B and Offset took it one step further. That very same day, the musician lovers hired an officiant to marry them, on the whim, in their bedroom. The wedding was obviously a pretty intimate affair; in addition to the officiant and the soon-to-be-married couple, the only person to attend the wedding was Cardi B's cousin.

It's worth noting that Cardi B was not yet pregnant when she decided to get engaged and promptly married. The child wasn't even on their minds yet. This decision was driven purely by love, according to the accounts given. In any case, the decision was so spontaneous that Cardi B and Offset didn't have something pretty important for the ceremony: wedding rings. That's right, Cardi B didn't even have an engagement ring on her finger, let alone a wedding band. Sure enough, Offset changed that one month later, when he made his "public engagement" to Cardi B in October. The event looked like Offset proposing to Cardi B. In reality, however, it was the husband giving his wife the wedding ring she deserved.

Nevertheless, Offset and Cardi B are still planning to have an official wedding ceremony in the near future. That wedding date isn't determined yet, because they're still trying to work out something else: Cardi B's pregnancy. She is expected to deliver her first child sooner-than-later, and in a recent interview, Cardi B admitted that she is likely planning not to give her fans too many updates about her first child. While she is typically pretty open with her fanbase, there are obviously things she likes to keep to herself. Like, for instance, the fact that she has been married for nearly a year.