Stan Lee Files Restraining Order Against Former Business Partner

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Stan Lee has been plagued with a variety of troubles -- legally, financially and health-wise -- throughout this past year. Now, it's evident that the Marvel visionary's problems are nowhere near behind him. As it is being reported today, Lee and his legal team have filed a restraining order against Keya Morgan, his former business partner and Lee's personal confidant for many years. The Marvel figurehead has previously stood up from Keya Morgan, particularly when Morgan's credibility was placed under attack from scathing reports earlier this year. But now, it seems any goodwill the comic book entrepreneur had towards his business associate is gone. Here's what we know about Stan Lee and his most recent hassles.

It should be noted that Stan Lee's recently-filed restraining order against Keya Morgan is not the first one he has tried to place against his former business associate. As it turns out, Lee received a previous restraining order against Morgan last month. But this Friday Lee and his legal team filed a new one that didn't come from Lee's attorney Tom Lallas on Stan Lee's behalf, as they argued that Lallas hasn't represented his client Lee in months. The judge agreed. However, according to Deadline, the judge has not granted the new restraining order against Morgan, believing that there is too much confusion over who ultimately represents the Marvel Comics personality. That's not to say that Keya Morgan is out of the doghouse, though.

In the new legal documents, Stan Lee and his legal associates say Keya Morgan mishandled more than $5 million of Lee's money. They also say Lee received physical and emotional injuries through Morgan. They also claim Morgan tried to move Lee to an undisclosed location last month in order to isolate him from his family. In short, they have reason to believe Keya Morgan was allegedly trying to take advantage of Stan Lee, and the team wants him out.

When reached for a comment by TMZ, Keya Morgan had the following words to say about this whole messy legal affair.

For over 10 years I have shown nothing but love, respect and kindness to Stan Lee and his wife, a fact he has repeated countless times. This is a witchhunt by his daughter and her lawyer against me because she cannot stand the fact [that] Stan likes me so much. I will 100% prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the allegations against me are false. The truth will come out.

Evidently, it's a very turbulent and difficult time for Stan Lee. In addition to these legal problems, Stan Lee recently battled pneumonia, was robbed of millions of dollars, had his blood stolen and sold in Black Panther comics in Vegas, and became a widower last year when his wife of nearly seven whole decades, Joan Lee, died. There was also a Siri hoax which spread an awful rumor that Stan Lee has passed away earlier this week. We only hope that things get better before they get any worse for Stan Lee. Goodness knows the 95-year-old comic book legend has dealt with a lot this year.

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