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Princess Charlotte Royal Wedding

Princess Charlotte is only three years old, and she already knows how to handle herself around pesky photographers. Before attending a christening for her younger brother, Prince Louis, on Monday, the young member of British royalty had some stern words for the photographers and videographers surrounding the Chapel Royal in St. James's Place. Holding her father Prince Williams' hand, the little princess wasn't afraid to let the photographers know they weren't invited inside, and while she's not even close to being in the double digits yet, she's totally ready to handle herself as a princess.

As it was reported by CBS News yesterday, before attending her youngest brother's christening, Princess Charlotte had the following words to say.

You're not coming.

It was an adorably blunt response that instantly won her over with fans of the royal family everywhere. We're used to princes and princesses being polite and considerate with the media, so this sweet little moment of sass from Princess Charlotte was a very cute instance of breaking the mold a bit. If her cutely cutting words weren't enough, Princess Charlotte added to the moment by continuing to stare down the photographers until she entered the religious building with the rest of her famous family, which also includes her duchess mother, Kate Middleton and her older brother, Prince George.

This video wasn't the only one of Princess Charlotte from her brother's christening. There is also another video of Charlotte and the rest of the royal family greeting a priest at the Chapel Royal. Additionally, it should be noted that the newlyweds Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were also in attendance for Prince Louis's big day, although Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, were not able to make it to the christening event. In a statement released by the Buckingham Palace, Elizabeth and Philip claimed their absence was due to a scheduling mishap, and that it didn't relate to their health. So we can seemingly put any such concerns to rest.

It should also be noted that this is not the first time Princess Charlotte has thrown some sass around. She was recently recorded having a temper tantrum while boarding a helicopter. Naturally, such emotions are to be expected from a toddler, although it's unusual to see such sassiness from a member of royalty. At the time of the tantrum, Princess Charlotte was a mere two years old, so such behavior is pretty common for someone her age.

It has been an eventful year for the Royal Family. Prince Louis was welcomed into the world back on April 23rd, shortly before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were married on the world stage a little less than a month later. And it's not going to be slowing down for the most famous family in Britain anytime soon, as there is word of another Royal Wedding in the midst. Yep, as it was reported last month, Princess Eugenie is now engaged to her previously long-distance boyfriend, Jack Brooksbank. Their wedding is expected to take place later this year in the fall, presumably in September.

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