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Jada Pinkett Smith wants everyone on Instagram to know that she is looking and feeling damn good this summer. The actress took to the social media platform to proudly showcase a bathroom snapshot of herself rocking a stunning yellow bikini, letting everyone know that she is the queen of the summer now. Check out the beach-ready shot of Pinkett Smith below to know that she is ready to conquer the heat while making everyone look envious, too.

As Jada Pinkett Smith admits in the Instagram photo's caption, the social media post is in sharp contrast to how she appeared in her husband Will Smith's "Daddy Dearest" video, where Pinkett Smith claims she's "look'n all crazy" in her famous husband's playful attempt to win attention on his own Instagram page.

You can check out the humorous video Will Smith posted on his boat this weekend below.


A post shared by Will Smith (@willsmith) on

But it's Jada Pinkett Smith herself who is showing her hubby how it's done. Will Smith featured his long-time partner looking not exactly her best, according to the actress herself, but she masterfully reversed that with her yellow bikini that she thankfully was not afraid to show off.

Meanwhile, Will Smith recently elaborated on his long-term marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith during a podcast appearance on Tidal's Rap Radar. During the conversation, Smith claimed the couple no longer call themselves "husband and wife." Instead, they consider themselves "life partners" in that there are "no deal breakers" and that nothing could destroy their relationship. He believes they'll stay together forever, so if you have any divorce rumors, you can put them away. Jada Pinkett Smith isn't looking to show off her yellow bikini as a single woman at any point soon.

Beyond this recent photo, Jada Pinkett Smith has earned some attention recently thanks to her Facebook talk show series Red Table Talk. For instance, during a recent episode of the popular confessional series, the former Gotham actress opened up about her battle with hair loss, and how she turned to God during that difficult point in her life. On a lighter note, however, Pinkett Smith also welcomed her popular Girls Trip co-star Tiffany Haddish, who humorously recounted the time Drake stood her up, resulting in the comedian losing out on an opportunity to make a solid $100 K. Oops.

Additionally, Red Table Talk also provided Jada Pinkett Smith with an opportunity to bury the hatchet with Gabrielle Union. The actresses have been feuding for decades, apparently, and they set aside their differences during an emotional episode. Furthermore, Pinkett Smith also recently found herself looking back fondly on her admittedly-brief time with the late Whitney Houston via some throwback baby shower polaroids.

When it comes to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, we'll be sure to keep you posted on their high-profile lives. Be sure to come back to CinemaBlend for more updates whenever they arrive.

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