Rosanna Arquette Opens Up About Aftermath of Alexis Arquette

Rosanna Arquette Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen

Almost two years ago, Alexis Arquette passed away at the age of 47. It was a tragic death, and it still weighs heavily on the Arquette family. In a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Rosanna Arquette admits it's still hard to discuss her sister's untimely passing. During the after show segment, where audience members call in and ask whatever questions they feel like asking the celebrity guests, one viewer asked Rosanna about her favorite memory of Alexis. During the conversation, Rosanna reflected on her time with her sister and how the family feels about her absence.

It's been fractured and hard since Alexis passed. It's been really painful for all of us. We're in PTSD.

In the talk show clip, Rosanna Arquette revealed that she and Alexis Arquette would often go out for lunch on Alexis' birthday. They had their drink of choice, and Rosanna remembers this habitual occasion fondly -- especially now that her late sister's birthday is only a day away. Here's what she said.

Well, every birthday -- July 28th will be her birthday that's coming up -- and we would go out to a special lunch just the two of us. That was a very special time, and we always had champagne, and I loved her so much.

While each member of the Arquette family remains very busy with their own individual lives and careers, Rosanna Arquette admits that the siblings remain close through a shared group text, which keeps them all in touch despite the hecticness of their everyday lives. Rosanna also discussed how the siblings were by their sister Patricia Arquette's side when she won her Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Boyhood only a few years earlier. Because they are all so close, they are still having a difficult time with the sudden and deeply sad loss of Alexis Arquette. But they all have each other.

Check out the Bravo talk show clip below, where Rosanna Arquette talks about her late sister, among other topics.

Rosanna Arquette was seated next to Laverne Cox on Andy Cohen's popular Bravo series to promote her new YouTube Premium series Sideswiped, which dropped its first season on the streaming platform on July 25th. The web exclusive series is written and co-created by its star, Carly Craig, and Rosanna Arquette plays Craig's widowed mother on the show. The new series also stars Chelsea Frei, Rhys Coiro and Tyler Posey in a guest star role.

It's still difficult for Rosanna Arquette to reflect back on her late sister, but at least she is met with some good memories, particularly as her birthday approaches tomorrow. Additionally, you can watch the first two episodes of Sideswiped on YouTube for free. The whole season is available for YouTube Premium users now. It is an eight-episode, half-hour new program, and it has been met with warm reviews.

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