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R. Kelly is no stranger to bad press. Now, though, even his manager is getting himself in a whole bunch of trouble. As it was reported earlier today, there is now an arrest warrant out for James Mason, the man who represents the controversial musician, after Mason threatened to kill the father of one of R. Kelly's former girlfriends. According to the police reports, Timothy Savage claims Mason leveled some very specific death threats against him. Now, if he's soon caught by the Georgia Police Department, there's a very likely chance that R. Kelly's manager will find himself placed behind bars.

Here's what we know about the situation, courtesy of TMZ. Timothy Savage first went to the police in May. He claimed James Mason allegedly called him and told him he would "do harm" to Savage and his family, and Mason also reportedly said that if he ever saw Savage, he would "fucking kill" him. Sure enough, those types of threatening calls are extremely frowned upon, to say the least, and Mason is now genuinely considered a threat to Savage and his family. The reason James Mason reportedly made this disturbing and life-threatening call to Timothy Savage? Because Mr. Savage claimed R. Kelly held his daughter, Joycelyn Savage, captive as a sex slave. The story provoked many headlines, understandably, and it earned James Mason a great deal of bad press. Now, it seems James Mason himself is the source of bad press today, as he might soon find himself taken in custody if caught.

More specifically, the police are looking for James Mason for charges of terroristic threats and acts. It's unclear what will happen if -- or when -- he's caught by law enforcement. But these are gravely serious accusations, and if sentenced, there's a chance we might not hear from Mason for a while. It should be noted, however, that Mason is reportedly getting his lawyers involved with the police, and he intends to cooperate with them. Furthermore, he maintains his innocence and claims the accusations Timothy Savage directed towards him are inaccurate. We'll keep you posted on further details.

Meanwhile, Joycelyn Savage's condition is currently left unclear. While Timothy Savage made these allegations against R. Kelly, his daughter was recently seen in Beverly Hills a few weeks before Jason Mason made his alleged threats. She claims her father is wrong about the situation, which adds a great deal of confusion to what is actually happening. Nevertheless, this whole scenario is not good news for anyone involved. That's for certain.

Meanwhile, R. Kelly was recently in the news earlier this year when he was sued for sexual assault. The musician was also accused of brainwashing women and other disturbing cult-like behavior that was alluded to earlier in this story. His ongoing string of bad behavior resulted in the singer being removed from Spotify earlier this year, thanks to the online campaign entitled #MuteRKelly. Apple and Pandora were also not promoting his music.

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