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Arthea Franklin WSJ Live screenshot

According to sources close to Aretha Franklin, the legendary singer is reportedly very ill. While the musician doesn't want to talk about it openly at this time and doesn't reportedly want people close to her to be discussing it either, anonymous sources are claiming that she is allegedly gravely ill. If reports hold true, she might not have a lot of time left. Details are skim and sources are cloaked under anonymity, but here's what we know about this potentially dire situation.

These concerns about Aretha Franklin's health came from CBS News and other outlets, who each found sources seemingly confirming the news. We currently don't know many details about what exactly is plaguing the musician, but everyone reportedly seems to be concerned for her health and well-being. With words like "seriously" and "gravely" ill uttered by more than one source, there's reason enough for distress. Aretha Franklin also added to the concern by canceling the shows she was scheduled to perform this year per her doctor's request. Her medical expert reportedly claimed that Franklin needs to rest up and stay off the road, but that might not be enough.

As noted by TMZ, Aretha Franklin is not only seriously sick but reportedly on the verge of death. The gossip publication is claiming that friends and family are reportedly gathering near the musician for their final goodbyes, and they were reportedly told that she is expected to pass away later today. A dear friend of the musician was reportedly told that she was dying a week ago, and they claim that Franklin is allegedly down to a frail 86 pounds. It is unknown what exactly is causing Franklin's medical distress, but that outlet believes the issue may be cancer, although nothing further has been specified at this time.

Aretha Franklin's health has reportedly been deteriorating these last few years. Her concert appearances have been few and far between, and she reportedly hasn't made any stage appearances in 2018. In fact, she announced her retirement last year, though she didn't go into specifics as to why she was retiring at the time. The last concert she attended was believed to be at an Elton John AIDS Foundation event back in November. Her stage performances have been fleeting and limited in recent years, and it seems that her main focus these past few months have been focused on her health.

At the time of this reporting, it's not exactly known what Arthea Franklin's medical condition is, but they are being told that the 76-year-old musician's death is imminent and that she could pass away "any time now." The latter quote was reportedly told to the family two weeks ago, and the Queen of Soul's health apparently hasn't improved since then. Our thoughts and concerns are with Franklin's friends and family at this difficult time. This story is developing and ongoing, but we'll keep you posted on the latest developments whenever they arrive.