Olive Garden Is Taking All You Can Eat Seriously With New Pasta Pass

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Forget MoviePass. Let's talk about Pasta Pass! Chain restaurant The Olive Garden plans to reintroduce an exclusive new food purchasing opportunit,y that will allow its customers to eat endless bowls of pasta, soup, salad and, of course, breadsticks for a one-year $300 subscription. That means that, if you wish to visit your local Olive Garden locations every day of the year (including holidays), you could find yourself gorging on Olive Garden's endless array of Italian goodness for less than $1 a day. Yum! Sound too good to be true? Well, in a way, it is. That's because the opportunity is currently only available for one thousand people. Here's what we know about Olive Garden's latest incentive, and how you can possibly get in on all the good grub.

The exclusive Annual Pasta Pass, as it is officially dubbed, will be sold in addition to their traditional Never Ending Pasta Passes, which are sold for 100 bucks. That pass allows 23,000 customers to splendor on the same offerings for only a little amount of time. To be more specific, you can enjoy the same opportunities afforded by the Annual Pasta Pass, but only from September 24th to November 18th. It's ironic that Olive Garden opted to call the exceptionally limited-time engagement the "Never Ending Pasta Pass." But hey, we're not the ones running the promotional marketing for this deal.

Here's what Jennifer Arguello, the executive vice president of marketing of Olive Garden, said in a statement (via People).

We have the most passionate fans who look forward to Pasta Pass and Never Ending Pasta Bowl throughout the year, and they've made it clear that eight weeks just isn't long enough. So we listened, and we're excited to give our guests more of what they've been asking for: an Annual Pasta Pass that extends our Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion year-round.

If you want to embark on this new promotional deal, you'll wanna act fast. Everyone needs to eat, and if you have a deal as good as this one, it's going to go fast -- especially if it's only limited to a relative handful of people at this time. The deal starts at 2 PM EST today at pastapass.com. The last time Olive Garden had a deal like this one, it reportedly sold out exceptionally fast. So don't wait. If you want to get all that Olive Garden goodness, act fast!

If you're unable to get the Annual Pasta Pass or the Never Ending Pasta Pass at this time, and there's a good chance these passes are going to sell quite fast, you can at least have the satisfaction of enjoying Olive Garden's endless bowls at pasta at your local location. It's $10.99 for all you can eat, which isn't quite as good as the deal promised by these passes but that's still one hell of a good deal. So, if this article made you hungry, you know where to go to get your next meal.

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