Drake Is Suing Woman Who Claims He Got Her Pregnant

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As it is being reported today, Drake is suing the woman who claims the musician got her pregnant. In the lawsuit, the artist claims the woman conceived a scam, as it is being called, and the artist also claims the woman allegedly made false rape accusations against him-- intended to damage his image in the midst of this story. The details surrounding this case are both sensitive and forthcoming at this time. But here's what we know.

According to legal documents procured by TMZ, Drake claims he met the woman in Manchester, England during his Boy Meets World tour in 2017. The woman and the musician reportedly got together at his hotel in February of last year. According to Drake, the couple reportedly had consensual intercourse after one of his concerts and, per his recollection, the woman "voluntarily and seemingly happily" performed oral sex on the rapper.

According to Drake's lawyer, the woman was later reportedly very unhappy when the musician opted not to take her along with him for the remainder of his tour. Drake claims, after that point in time, the woman created a "fantasy relationship" with him through their text message correspondence, to the point where he stopped responding to her texts. Because of this, she reportedly got upset by the lack of communication between them. Shortly thereafter, the woman began making claims that she was pregnant with Drake's child, posting about the news on Instagram.

Later on, when Drake continued to not respond to the woman's accusations, she went on SiriusXM and claimed that Drake got her pregnant. According to the lawsuit, she did this after she threatened to publicly leak messages from Drake. The musician believes the whole thing is a scam, based on both the timeline and the way the woman went about presenting the news, also refusing to take a paternity test. Here's what Drake said.

There is no credible evidence of pregnancy, nor any baby, which would have been born last Fall.

Shortly thereafter, the woman went to the authorities in New York and she claimed Drake allegedly raped her during the one-night stand. The musician claimed a lawyer demanded that he gives her money or else they would make the complaint public knowledge. The suit claims the case was referred to the Manchester police. They interviewed Drake and they ultimately cleared him on the charges presented. After that, the woman then demanded Drake pay millions of dollars in exchange for her silence. At this time, Drake is suing the woman for civil extortion, emotional distress, fraud, defamation, and abuse of process. At this time, the musician is asking for unspecified damages. The details will likely be coming in soon regarding this ongoing case.

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