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ODESZA - A Moment Apart Album Cover

At the Life is Beautiful music festival in Las Vegas, ODESZA were hoping to provide a show the audience wouldn't soon forget. And while the band succeeded in that regard, it's safe to say that the musical artists didn't want things to go down the way they ultimately did. As it is being reported, the late Sunday night performance from the band took an explosive turn -- in a bad way. The fireworks display went amuck, shooting a live fireball into a horrified crowd. The experience was considered a terrifying ordeal, and it certainly soured the final moments of this concertgoing extravaganza.

Here's what we know about ODESZA's concert snafu, and what happened after the fireworks display went haywire. For the final moments of their latest concert, the electropop duo musical group were planning to set off a string of fireworks-- to make the moment even more epic. But what should've been a beautiful display quickly turned into a terrifying nightmare.when one firework blasted off, and straight into the gathered crowd-- providing a potentially fatal mishap. At the time of this reporting, it's unclear how many people were injured due to this mistake.

The report comes from Consequence of Sound. Beyond these claims, there are also video clips of the dangerous firework disaster found online.

Here is the firework accident recorded from a closer angle, though thankfully none of the footage is graphic in nature.

ODESZA is currently on their ongoing world tour, which has been going on for the past year. It is expected to continue through February 2019, as the band promotes their newest studio album A Moment Apart. It's unclear if this concert accident is going to have an impact on their tour plans. The musical duo hasn't responded to the accident, nor have they provided any possible details explaining what happened when the fireworks display went haywire and propelled one firework into the crowd. As it stands, ODESZA is expected to continue forward with their next tour date- which is at the beginning of October.

As beautiful as fireworks can often be, it's sometimes easy to forget just how dangerous they are -- especially considering how commonplace they are here in America during special occasions and momentous holidays. This accident, while horrifying and tragic, is also a reminder of their great dangers. If the Life is Beautiful festival continues to provide fireworks displays in future concerts, precautions will likely be needed to ensure they're as safe and secure as possible.

Obviously this incident wasn't purposeful, but soemtimes fireworks can be unpredictable in their trajectory. I hope any injuries that were caused by this accident are treated as safely and as soon as possible. With no details, it's hard to know how many were injured or how gravely the incident's effects were felt by the audience.

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