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Will Smith knows how to celebrate a birthday. On the actor's 50th b-day, he didn't merely get a birthday cake, nor did he go out to a restaurant and celebrate among close friends and relatives. Instead, Smith decided to commemorate another year of living by going bungee jumping. And he didn't bounce off a bridge or a building. Instead, Will Smith decided to go the extra mile (and then some) on the advent of his fifth decade on this planet. He bungee jumped into the Grand Canyon. That's right; Will Smith decided to celebrate his 50th birthday by bungee jumping straight into the Grand Canyon. Talk about partying on your birthday Big Willie Style. Here's the video of the event, courtesy of the actor's YouTube page. Check it out.

As seen in the video posted above, Will Smith was certainly battling his nerves in the build-up to the big jump. With his family and friends watching from a distance, including his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, and their children Jaden and Willow, Will Smith worked up the encouragement to go forth with this extravagant birthday stunt as he soared up into the air. He jokes about the event with some people inside the helicopter, but it's clear that he is a little anxious about the whole thing. And that's certainly understandable. Even the biggest thrill-seekers in the world would be nervous. And while Will Smith has done his fair share of extreme stunts in the movies, this one is certainly among the biggest and most audacious he has done yet.

Thankfully, the stunt proved to be a roaring success. Obviously they wouldn't post it onto YouTube unless that was the case, and it's clear that the team involved in the stunt went to considerable lengths to make sure everything was as safe and secure as possible before Will Smith jumped out of the helicopter. But there is some palpable fear -- notably from Smith's concerned expression -- about this stunt performed hundreds of feet in the air. Ultimately, however, Smith proved himself and his closest friends and relatives with a birthday celebration they are not likely to forget soon.

Away from his birthday festivities, Will Smith continues to keep himself busy in his professional life. He was last seen in Netflix's Bright late last year, and will be working on the sequel. The next project on his docket is Aladdin, the live-action remake of the beloved 1992 animated film. He will be filling big shoes by playing the Genie, a role that was iconized by the late, great Robin Williams in the original animated movie. Whether or not Will Smith lives up to those high expectations will be determined when the blockbuster is released on May 24th, 2019. Meanwhile, Smith is also slated to appear in Ang Lee's latest, the action sci-fi drama Gemini Man, which is expected to be released on October 4th of next year.

Happy Belated Birthday, Will Smith! Based on this video, you certainly had a great one. We'll look forward to seeing how you celebrate your 51st!

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