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A lot of things change when you become a mother. Your whole life is now centered around another human being, totally changing the perspective of the world. It gives a new outlook on life, and can make you a new person in some ways. Being a parent can definitely alter the way some people live their lives, but it doesn't shake up everything. That includes one's fashion sense, according to Cardi B. The chart-topping rap artist claims she won't change her iconic style just because she had a baby.

Not at all. I don't feel like I gotta change my style because I had a baby. I feel like the only time I should change my style is if I have my baby on me. Like, no I don't want to wear a goddamn thong and walk around my baby. But I don't feel like I gotta change.

The fashion admission came when Entertainment Tonight caught up with Cardi B on Wednesday night during her Fashion Nova X Cardi B collaboration at Boulevard3. Baby Kulture is a mere four months old and she has obviously been taking up a lot of her mom's time. But Cardi B admits that, while her day-to-day life has obviously changed enormously since she became a mother, she will continue to rock her own style. And that won't change soon.

In the months leading up to Kulture's birth, Cardi B admitted that she wasn't going to share too much about her newborn baby, believing that privacy was best for her child. In fact, the popular rapper has turned down high-paying offers for the first official photo of the baby. While Cardi B's profile has skyrocketed in the past year or two, she's still careful to place restrictions between the media and her infant daughter. At least, until Cardi B feels it's time for the public to be introduced to the young child. That said, Cardi B is still going to remain true to herself.

Thankfully, Cardi B has received a lot of support from many people, including fellow celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, who also recently had a baby.

It feels really amazing [to have star support]. A lot of people think it's supposed to be a catty thing, and it just feels good. When other women show love to each other, and they don't know how much that means to me though. One day they might need a kidney and I might give you mine and I barely drink, so mine might be good.

It sounds like motherhood has changed Cardi B in quite a few ways, yet she is still staying true to herself and her style. We should expect more updates from the "I Like It" musician and her newborn child, and we will keep you posted on the latest developments right here at CinemaBlend.

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